Wellness & SPA

Wellness & SPA

The wellness center, “EDONE SPA,” has a large and well-kept area where there is a cozy whirlpool bath, sauna, biosauna, Turkish bath with saline emission, emotional shower, ice fountain and a relaxation area with herbal tea room to spend pleasant moments of rest and well-being.

A relaxing environment away from the monotony and stress of everyday life.

A comfortable world where hustle and bustle, tension and fatigue will slip away.


The sauna reaches high temperatures ranging from 80° to 100° and has humidity between 10 and 30 percent. Thanks to this climate, sweating is promoted, thus facilitating the elimination of toxins. In addition, to stimulate circulation, the classic ritual includes a few moments of heat inside the sauna alternating with rapid cold showers. The bio-sauna has a temperature of 50° to 60° and a humidity of up to 45-55%.
Thanks to the steam generated by aromatic herbs, this sauna gives special benefits to breathing and skin radiance. The steam bath with saline emissions reaches stratified temperatures between 40° and 50° C.
Humidity of 90 percent promotes perspiration of the skin and decongestion of the airways. The shower is not just a simple jet of water; with the emotional shower it also becomes pleasure and a feeling of well-being thanks to the combination of aromas and color effects. There is also a fountain in the spa with ice granules that can be collected and rubbed on the body after spending moments in the sauna in order to stimulate circulation.

Hot tub

The whirlpool bath brings many benefits to our body by increasing blood pressure and stimulating circulation. The water pressure promotes fluid drainage; the warmer temperature stimulates circulation, while the cooler temperature produces a tonic and stimulating effect. The water in the hot tub has a temperature of 34°-35°.

Relax area

The relaxation area of the spa is an area dedicated to rest and well-being. It is furnished with comfortable loungers, strategically placed to provide privacy and tranquility for clients. The herbal tea room, located nearby, offers a selection of herbal teas and healthy drinks created to promote relaxation and regeneration of the body and mind. Guests can enjoy moments of total tranquility, sipping a relaxing and restorative beverage, and fully relax on the comfortable loungers.

Info & costs

The ‘access to this area is also allowed to outsiders under the following conditions:

  • entrance to the wellness center “Edone’ SPA”: 20,00 €
  • Courtesy set (bathrobe and towel): 10.00 €.

The wellness center is open from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm. It is forbidden for children under the age of 14 to enter the SPA.

Advance reservation is required for entrance to the SPA, both for hotel guests and outside guests.

The management reserves the right to vary the opening hours of the spa.