The vitalization of water by Johann Grander

The vitalization of water by Johann Grander

Garnì Paradisi respects the environment

Johann Grander is known as the Water Ambassador revitalized; he symbolizes the respect for creation, modesty and unconventional thinking.

In ideas and mentality of Johann Grander it has always been the quest to help the water, our most precious resource, to regain its natural properties, original: “a healthy life begins with the revitalized water”.

The Hotel Garni Paradisi offers guests top quality water as in the whole hotel, both in the bathrooms and in the spa area is provided energized Grander water.


Thanks to this system, through the restoration of order and stability of the inner structure of water, you may experience the beneficial effects:

The water therefore Grander:

  • It has a better taste
  • It is more storable
  • Increases the desire to drink
  • Feeling of greater well-being while bathing and showering
  • The taste of food is more natural
  • It makes the most luxuriant plants
  • It makes the most beautiful flowers
  • It favors less use of detergents and cleaners